Little girl

Dear Ouidad:

My hair is thick, curly and dry. Recently, I had my hair cut from long to short, and my stylist used a razor to decrease my hair volume. I am desperate — I feel my hair is ugly now and I can't find any way to style my hair.

Dear At a Loss:

The first step to reversing damage to your ends is a nourishing Deep Treatment every other week! Deep Treatment penetrates through the hair cuticle to repair the internal structure of your curls, restoring bounce and controlling frizz. Also, try using an ultra hydrating leave in conditioner like my Moisture Lock Leave-in Conditioner on your ends and dry areas. This creates a "moisture foundation" by infusing individual strands with conditioning proteins vital to healthy hair and great looking curls! It can also be used sparingly as a styling lotion to touch up dry curls in between shampoo.

Tip: NEVER use a razor on curly hair; it will shave the hair shaft in half causing more expansion and frizz!