How to get soft, smooth curls every day no matter the forecast.

Medium Curly Haircuts

Medium length hair (hair that sweeps the shoulder when dry) looks best when curls are sliced shorter and at different lengths to create movement and maintain balance among the curls (think Katherine Heigl). One thing to note with all lengths, but particularly medium: never layer. Layering is the process of cutting hair straight across at an even level. Curls need to be cut to fit with each one gently meeting the next.

Short Curly Haircuts

Believe it or not, you can create any look or shape with short hair. “The sky is the limit as long as the curl is cut correctly,” says Ouidad. A pixie cut (a la Halle Berry) or a chin-length style (think Charlize Theron) are the two most wearable and requested styles.

Updos for Curly Hair

Pulling back curly hair is equally as limitless. And because the texture gives the hair more grip, it’s easier to manipulate — and it stays put. Half-up, a French twist and a loose chignon are the pro picks, but styles like braids can pose more of a challenge, depending on the thickness of the curl.

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I have BSL hair and my stylist cuts it in the manner described for long curly hair in this article. I also have a wet cut.
interesting that this article suggests cutting curly hair wet, since everyone on NC is obsessed with dry-cutting. I don't buy the concept of dry-cutting because my curls don't dry the same every time.