Most women believe , and even dispense advice, on the fact that hair grows faster with more frequent trims and cuts.

According to John Barrett, a New York City salon owner, “Hair grows a half-inch per month, whether you cut it or not.”  However, the rate at which hair grows can also be determined by other factors such as genetics, diet, seasons, weather and even endocrine function such as low thyroid.

“The benefits of regular trims are many and varied,” notes Cunnane Phillips, a trichologist at the Philip Kingsley Clinic in NYC. “They will aid in keeping the ends from splitting and looking frayed, thereby giving the appearance of healthier and longer hair. When ends split and are severely damaged, they can cause breakage and that breakage travels up the hair shaft, which leads to playing catch-up.”

Keeping hair clean and healthy is a top priority, and therefore, regular trims, every four to eight weeks (depending on the hair type and shape”> are necessary for the basic health of your hair.

A good basic hair care routine, including regular trims, can help bring your locks back to life, give them shine and bounce too. Here’s a simple routine to follow for healthy, growing locks:

Healthy Growth Routine

April is NaturallyCurly’s month of Curly Myth Busters. Don’t be April fooled by these common curly hair myths!



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