BunMy final cut result — and I made it look like that myself!

Over six months in to my editor position here at NaturallyCurly.com, I finally gave in to a curly cut.

For those of you who don’t peruse the CurlTalk forums, or at least the forums I’m in, I’m a type 2B that CANNOT be easily straightened. What I mean here is that while, yes, I can easily get a flat iron through my hair, my hair will not stay straight for longer than an hour.

I’ve been natural since I stopped fighting my hair my sophomore year of high school. My family, like many of yours, was not supportive of the decision, which I felt was more of a requirement at the time than a decision on my part. They all have stick straight hair, and my “rat’s nest,” as my mother called it, could possibly get me kicked off the list for potential debutante candidates (yes, I’m from the deep south and no, that was not an empty threat”>.

Two years after deciding to embrace my natural texture, I swore off haircuts. Stylists always cut off way more than I wanted them to, and would straighten my hair against my will in their chairs just “to show me the way the cut really looks!”

My waves before — in dire need of a trim! Oh, and my niece!

The ONE time that I convinced a stylist to just let my curls go free after a cut, she pulled out a blow dryer on high heat and high power and went to town. I warned her that the heat and the high speed were going to make my hair frizz. She told me that the amount of product in my hair wouldn’t allow for that.

I don’t think I have to tell you who won that argument.

Nonetheless, I’ve been a strong advocate for no-trims for years. I don’t put heat to my hair, I deep condition, I don’t color — I just simply thought my hair was healthy. But since working at NaturallyCurly, I’ve been consistently convinced otherwise.

My lifeless waves were literally weighed down. At first I switched to better products without sulfates, slept on a satin pillowcase, religiously used rose oil and dried my hair with a micro-fiber towel. But eventually the sad truth came out — my hair needed a cut, BAD!

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