salon chairs how to ask for change

How do you ask for a change? As a hairstylist…I think “it’s easy”! Just ask! As a client, well…maybe it’s not as easy as I think it is.  First and most importantly, remember we are here to make you look and feel good. Coming into the salon should always be a positive experience! The last thing any stylist wants is a client who is stressed out or afraid to say they want a change, or even didn’t love their last haircut.

Wanting a change can mean a few things. Are you looking to reinvent yourself? Did you just go through a breakup? Are you about to make a life change….like a baby? A new job? There are so many reasons to want a change. Let’s start with that info, right off the bat. Tell your stylist not just that you want a change, but why. Insight helps. We are here to guide you to the best look on you, but we need to know if this is an emotional response to life too.

Once we know WHY you want the change, now comes the fun part! I have said this before, but images are always a great tool for communication. We are “hairapists”, great listeners, hair doctors, and friends. But, we are terrible psychics! If you say “I want a change, I am up for whatever”…. I may think that’s a pixie, when you were thinking an inch was a huge difference. If we start on the same page, we can end on the same page.

Tell the truth and be descriptive. Talk about the colors you are gravitating to in fashion or design. If you recently got a puppy and never have time to blow dry in the am because you are out on a walk, or are you looking for a new job and need to embrace the beautiful you. Please give us as many details as you can and don’t be afraid of hurting our feelings. We are capable of all kinds of styles, cuts and colors. We want to give you the one that makes you go home feeling like a million dollars!

This post was written by Reiynne Dekora for Bangstyle.



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