You’ve heard the story 1000 times over about the girl who hated her curly hair. My story is no different…

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I hated my naturally curly hair and therefore, I wanted to change it.

I would use heat on a weekly basis without even thinking about the damage I was causing my curls. I didn’t even know what heat damage was until like five years ago. I remember when the damage really started to really show and I actually almost was glad. Why? Because I thought my hair was straightening out for good. Then, my roots started growing in curly and I was just horrified. The second I started acknowledging that I knew nothing about curly hair, I said to myself: you need to educate myself.

I found out what type of curls I had, the porosity of my hair and from there I realized which kind of products to look for.

I started to also go on YouTube and search for tutorials of people with my same hair type so I could know how to do my hair the correct way. I also suggest asking your favorite curly hair inspiration for advice there’s no shame in asking for help.  I think I hated my hair for so long because I didn’t know how to do it so I just avoided it instead. So get to reading and learning!

Get a proper haircut

Once you figure out your hair type and porosity, get a proper curly cut that accentuates your face and makes your curls look their best.

I prefer dry cutting curly hair since it allows the stylist to see the hair take natural shape as he or she is trimming it. A good cut is needed, especially if you are transitioning back to natural. Not only will it get rid of the dead and damaged ends, but also promote healthy growth.  While transitioning, I had to cut a good amount of hair so I could get a fresh start in my curly hair journey. Do a big chop or gradually cut the dead ends off around every eight weeks if you are not ready to fully let go of your length. Remember, short and healthy hair is better than long and damaged hair.

woman with curly bangs

Find the regimen that works for you

So you started researching and educating yourself about your natural hair. You have a great haircut, too. Now it is time to figure out your unique hair regimen.

Every curly head is different; keep this in mind when looking through YouTube because although a set of products works for some, it may not necessarily work for your curls.

Learn your hair type and porosity to find what will help your hair flourish. The period in which you are trying out new products is a brutal one because you don’t know if your hair will react well with a certain products. I have gone through my fair share of products that clearly didn’t mix well with my curls. Bad hair days were kind of inevitable, but once I found what worked for me it was wonderful. I am always down to try new products of course, but sticking to what works for my hair is comforting and efficient because the results are more or less consistent.

How did you learn to love your hair?

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