As you thaw out from a blustery winter, it always seems your skin recovers the fastest — thanks to copious amounts of hand cream, rich facial moisturizers and a humidifier on full blast during the coldest months. With all the focus on your skin, those parched, fragile curls are often pushed aside, even ignored, that is, until spring awakens the senses and you realize those textured tresses need the most TLC.

spring savvy stylist highlights

The most important factor in reviving the health of your hair, curl-centric stylists say, is to find products that include the most moisturizing ingredients — such as aloe vera, avocado oil, jojoba extract, vegetable glycerin and shea butter. Once your curls are cared for and healthy, they are more likely to shine and unearth the luminosity you boasted about before the frigid cold dulled your tresses and your senses.

And when spring showers finally head our way, make sure you have the right products and strategies to make it a frizz-free season.

But spring hair renewal is about more than just your curls. Your textured tresses are woven into the fabric of your life — influencing not only your hairstyle, but also your sense of fashion, the way you live and yes, even your love life. If the change of seasons is calling you to turn a new leaf in every aspect of your curly life, here are helpful tips to get started.

If You Want to Renew Your...

Curly Lifestyle:

When deciding on a new curly style for spring, choose wisely. Are you conservative? Creative? Maybe athletic? You’ll want to match your lifestyle to your curly style.

And if that lifestyle is always harried no matter your personality or interests, make a vow to get your glam on (at least a little) every day. It’s about time you put yourself back at the top of your priority list. Easier said than done, you say? Okay, maybe you don’t have a ton of time to devote to your style, but anyone can find at least a few minutes. For example, you can save time in your daily routine by focusing your styling efforts on the top portion of your hair (the section people see), and skip the hair underneath. Using time-saving tricks like that one, can help you look fabulous without a lot of fuss.

Curly Fashion:

Spring cleaning also means digging through (often cramped) closets and tossing all the clothes you haven’t worn in the past year or more, but you still kept them around because, after all, you never know. (Except that you do know, don’t you?) So after the trip to the Goodwill, or some other charitable organization that is sure to benefit from your generous clothing donation, it’s time to shop for a spring wardrobe

Remember, color counts. It’s one of the major rules to follow when it comes to finding fashionable clothes that fit your curly style. Consider vibrant, shimmery colors, or even crisp white fabrics, that will illuminate your face and rock your curls.

Curly Love:

Maybe your spring awakening also means it’s time to spice up your relationship with some sexy styles that offer a va-va-voom.

Or, maybe you’re surprisingly single and looking to put yourself out there for that special someone. It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day to get your heart in the right place. And then, of course, you have to open it (yes, be fearless!), and maybe even flirt a little. When’s the last time you tossed your curls to one side and winked at that guy you’ve longed to meet since, like, forever?

So get on with it, already. (Wink, wink.)