Many curly girls may have heard that bangs are for straight hair. This is simply not true!

Photo courtesy of @goldenn_xo

Bangs can work with a variety of textures and hair types. When it comes to styling curly bangs, there are a few tricks of the trade that can make it easier to get the look you want for these face-framing hairs. Here are some of the best tips on styling curly bangs.

  1. DON’T heat-style them every day. For lots of curly naturalistas, getting your bangs to cooperate in the mornings can be challenging and so they turn to heat tools. If you are having a hard time getting your curly bangs to work with you instead of against you, we recommend minimizing the amount of heat you use on your hair. Especially when you use heat on one spot repeatedly, you will want to be careful to avoid heat damage. Use heat as infrequently as possible (we would not recommend using it every day”> and always use a heat protectant. You may want to focus protein treatments and deep conditioning in that area as well.
  2. DO style them wet. One of the best tips for styling curly bangs is to style them while wet or damp because it is super easy and effective. Simply apply your favorite curling cream to damp strands and curl the strands of your bangs around your finger. For second and third day hair, use a spray bottle with water to style them wet in the mornings, as you may find that your bangs are sticking straight up when you wake up in the morning.
  3. DON’T rub them with a towel. The hair on your bangs is most likely fragile. If you rub it with a towel, even a microfiber towel, you run the risk of not only creating frizz by raising the cuticle, but also creating a breakage problem. To dry your bangs, simply squeeze them with a microfiber towel, being careful not to create any friction.
  4. DO style them separately. Bangs need more attention and different techniques than the rest of your hair, so many curlies find it useful to style their bangs after they’ve styled the rest of their hair. Keep a spray bottle with water handy so you can refresh them and style them at the end of your styling session.
  5. DON’T trim them yourself. Naturalistas are do-it-yourselfers at heart, and many like to trim their hair themselves. BUT did you know that most stylists will not charge to trim your bangs? DIY trims are not for everyone, so if you are someone who has any trepidation about cutting your hair, then you might as well have a professional do it for free.
  6. DO find a style that works with bangs. Bangs are a great way to show off your curls and frame your face, but not every style will work with bangs. Here are a few pretty examples of styles that work well with curly bangs. 
  7. DON’T pin them back on day 1. You may be tempted to pin your curly bangs back away from your face, sometimes you just need to breathe! We would not recommend doing this on day 1 of your wash week, because it will be difficult to wear them down due to creases on following days. If you typically wear your hair down or in a wash and go it would be best to do that for the first day or two of your wash week, and keep any pinned back styles for day 3 or 4.