By: Nicole Siri Author of Strictly Curls

After talking with clients on my last trip to Virginia, we decided it was time to give the curly hair world a new word for bangs!

Traditionally, when a client comes in and needs a little change, a stylist like myself  might suggest long bangs. Unfortunately, the word bangs scares just about everyone! Then I have to describe what kind of bangs I’m talking about, which is usually met with "Okay, I’ll try it." To minimize the time it takes to talk about the bangs we recommend, we decided to refer to long curly bangs that sweep to the side as "The Sweep."

So far, all my clients are loving “The Sweep," and I'm hoping it will "sweep" the nation and ease the frustration of clients when they want a little change. Hopefully it will be also be able to close the door on a lot of bad curly bang memories from the 80s!

How to Cut "The Sweep"

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See the finished hairstyle here: The Sweep: Bangs for Curly Hair Finished style!

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What do you think of when you hear "curly bangs"?