The wonderful thing about curls is they are just as diverse and multi-faceted as their owner. Our hair can tell you pretty much everything from what kind of morning we had to what kind of night we are planning… It’s a gift and a curse, really because just like we need to reinvent ourselves with time that same consideration must be given to our hair. This year I definitely reached that place of consideration where a lot had to change in my life as a woman from where I lived to what I dreamed of.

Moving to Los Angeles with a renewed sense of focus I decided to embark on a journey not just to be my best self but my best womanly self. How do I utilize all of the tools God has given me, both inside and out to get the most out of life? Many women celebrate their coming of age by stripping off their clothes and cutting their hair off but I decided to go a different route and chase sensuality rather than sexuality.

So step one?

Because I am a curly girl you know it was changing up my hair girl! Often with coils/ curls/ kink we have to focus so heavily on health, hydration and manageability looking hot can take a backseat. So to help me on this quest I wanted to find the best and as the saying goes, when in Rome do as! If I was going to be in LA I had to take advantage and approach the internationally-adored “curl doctor” Shai Amiel.

Shai is no stranger to or any hair-enthusiast forum for that matter with decades of experience specializing in cutting curly hair he has earned a massive reputation for revitalizing women’s pattern potential. So with all of the expectations in the world I called and asked for not just an appointment, but also the ability to film it to share on my channel and this site.

“Yes,” said an out-of-breath sounding Shai. “But once I take my scissors out the cameras go off. I don’t like to feel like I have to perform for a camera, I just want to focus on my art.”

After we negotiated the terms a little better I was sent back to the receptionist to schedule a date.

“His first opening isn’t for three weeks, should I put you in for then.”

Well that just took the wind right out of my sails. You know when you’re ready to do something you just wanna…well do it! So reluctantly I agreed to put my makeover on hold but luckily days later someone cancelled and my number was up.

I arrived at my appointment for Shai eight minutes late, which is about 80 minutes too early at the usual salons I go to but was surprised to see him waiting for me – ready. I wish I actually had a little more time to sitdown and process the space I was in, which was more spectacular than I had imagined. No disrespect to my roots but I’ve gotten my hair done in everything from an unfinished basement to the back-section of a restaurant . Not that I’ve minded, I don’t really care what the place looks like, I am more focused on how my hair is gonna look when all is said and done. But in hindsight, it was great to start my sensual new year in a gorgeous, professional and modern environment that oozed success.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted done, I just knew I wanted to look and feel a lot hotter. Shai assessed my hair like a doctor and although he wasn’t in agreement with my past decision to texturize or my heavy reliance on extensions, he said I was in pretty good shape. We did a major shape restructure and I agreed to add some color but only to my extensions since I am deathly afraid of double-processing (maybe someone out there can give assurance?).

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Although there are several notable differences between traditional salons I usually frequent and Capella, one thing remained consistent – I was there all day. I will say this though, usually when I get my hair done I don’t straighten it so once the cut, wash and treatment are done I usually leave with my hair unstyled and sopping wet to save time. But that wasn’t an option today, Shai insisted on styling my hair although I insisted it was pointless since I had nowhere to go afterwards. But I am glad his persistence won over mine because I learned a lot of new techniques that made a subtle difference; namely how/ when to apply product and best ways to dry the hair. I also was introduced to gel, while it really isn’t my styling go-to I did like the look and have begun to sparingly experiment with different gels. Capella, rides for Deva Curl products which I have tried before but admittedly never felt gave me noticeable results. Presently I’ve been using CURLS and Olive Oil products.

I actually left my extensions behind that day because we didn’t have time to color them that afternoon. A couple weeks later when I picked them up, my sensual style was ready to be completed. It was everything I wanted and more, I liked the color so much that I think I may consider taking my girl Shameless Maya up on her offer to add some more – since she of course has a color kit.

I LOVED the frizz and bigness, something I thought would make me feel less mature. As Shai said frizz and fluffiness gives off the perception you’ve been touching your hair and maybe even rolling around a bit ;). The soft hints of color brought out the light in my eyes while deepening the brown of my skin. The thicker bangs also helped to bring more attention to my eyes and frame my natural face shape a little more.

The verdict? Your girl is getting her sensual self on and best of all? I am only just getting started.

“Sensuality disappears when we stop exploring curiously and fall into the trap of playing out roles. We start to see ourselves through the world’s eyes and believe that is all we can be.”

― Adèle Green

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Shannon Boodram is an award winning TV personality, wedding photographer and writer on love/ sex. She has over 8.5 million YouTube views on her first online channel, Those Girls Are Wild. Her newest self-titled channel ShannonTBoodram is focused on sex, love and relationship issues concerning generation Y.