2017 brought us so many things, but the one gift we can be grateful for is that it was a year of fabulous natural hair. From the red carpet, awards shows, social media, and YouTube, we got to see some stunning hairstyles that were crafted works of art. We got glam with updo's, channeled our inner Beyonce with lemonade braids, and served up short hair with ease. Celebrities of all demographics, hair types, and ages were able to provide Hollywood with glam that reflected culture, and the versatility of natural hair. Influencers gave us amazing tutorials on social media and hair envy with hairstyles that were intricate, detailed, and flawless. This was the year to show up and show out with the creativity to try bold looks and work outside of your comfort zone.

While you sit back and reflect on your own hairstyles, it's important to think about who caught your eye, what they were rocking, and why you were attracted to it. We were given so much access to great hairstyles whether you were in Instagram, reading a magazine, or cruising through Netflix. Representation is essential in an evolving beauty industry with new trends and styles that we are all wanting to keep up with. It's important going into the new year we continue to be inspired and motivated to rock hair reflective of who we are and demand to see more of it on the silver screen, big screen, and everything in between. Natural hair took the industry by storm through products, hairstyles, and looks that were universally celebrated. Regardless of anything else that went on this year, natural hair and magnificent hairstyles were tip-top.

Zendaya's Fringe Curls with Bangs


Photo Credit: @zendaya

Yara Shahidi's Hair Accessories and Curly Hair


Photo Credit: Image taken by Yu Tsai for Seventeen Magazine

Zoe Kravitz's Bleached Blonde Pixie Cut


Photo Credit: Image taken by Charles Star Matadin for Tiffany & Co

Issa Rae's Natural Updo

Issa Rae

Photo Credit: Image taken by Jessica & Clark for @fastcompany

Susan Kelechi Watson's Textured Ponytail


Photo Credit: @jordan_grossman

Beyonce's Natural Ponytail


Photo Credit: @beyonce

@iknowlee's Sleek Ponytail Pompadour

Braided Pompadour

Photo Credit: Helecia Williams

@joyjah's Braided Space Buns

Braided space buns

@leonegoddess's Beaded Braids

Beaded braids

Photo credit: nikeliphotography

@livin_fearless's Halo Braid

Halo Braid

@moknowshair's Twisted Side Updo

Braided and Twisted Updo

Photo Credit: @flylifeimages

@naturallytemi's Faux Fro Hawk


@curly.edgy's Lemonade Braids


Photo Credit: @mountainbikekeith

NaturallyCurly is always here to bring you the best of the best in everything hair related no matter your gender, age, ethnicity or cultural background. We look forward to bringing more essential natural hair tips, products, and advice in 2018 that will challenge, inspire, and grow your love of hair. May your new year be filled with fierce, fun, dynamic hairstyles that help you learn to continual love yourself and your hair no matter the type, length, or texture. Happy New year from the NaturallyCurly family!