Whether you’re rushing to throw a last-minute costume together or you’re tweaking the disguise you’ve been planning for all all year long, these ideas center around one of your greatest assets - your curls!

We threw in some ideas of costumes that you and your non-curly besties can dress up as together, because we don’t want anyone to feel left out. However, most of these costumes DEMAND curls, so choose wisely!

1) Sugar Skull

If you like the idea of transforming into a skeleton, but want a little more flair and color, use this sugar skull look as your muse. This is perfect for all you flower children out there. Curls optional but encouraged.

2) Solange

We're still not over A Seat at the Table, in fact NaturallyCurly editor came to work with her hair like this as an ode to her spirit animal Solange, and it wasn't even Halloween. This might be the quickest, easiest costume on this list and chances are you already have the clips in your bathroom drawer. We're tempted to rock this look every single day.

3) Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad

No woman walked out of the Suicide Squad movie without thinking, “I want to be Harley Quinn for Halloween, or just in life in general.” You don’t need to be a straight-haired blonde or get a wig to be the Joker’s lover this weekend -- there are plenty of ladies rocking the curls their mama gave them.

4) Medusa

Dress up as one of the most powerful and magnificent characters from Greek mythology. They say that one gaze at Medusa’s face would turn any onlooker to stone, not to mention scare them to death with poisonous snakes. Throw in a few snakes or turn your locs into the real deal with plenty of wire and gel to terrify your friends.

5) Winifred from Hocus Pocus

If you’re looking for a group costume, gather your two besties and dress up as everyone’s favorite witch trio this Halloween. Put on your cape, grab your broomsticks and torment the town. @mc_kennamarie’s take on Winifred is too amazing not to copy.

6) Dionne Davenport from Clueless

“Use your popularity for a good cause” this Halloween by gracing everyone with your presence as Dionne. Ride solo, argue with your boyfriend or kick it with your bestie – you decide! If you are currently sporting braids this week, there is nothing you can say that will convince us you have a better costume in mind than Dionne.

7) Magenta from The Rocky Horror Show

If your curls are feeling particularly frizzy when you wake up the morning of October 31st, fear not! All you have to do is rub your eyes to smudge your eyeliner to transform into this creepy maid (no magic required). Make sure to watch some Rocky Horror Picture Show before your soiree to help you get into character.

8) Merida from Brave

Redhead curlies needed! Be brave this Halloween and let your curls fly free. Plus, you can always use the bow and arrow you bought two years ago for your Katniss Everdeen costume (you can laugh, you know it’s true).

9) Haunted Doll

Whether you’re a makeup guru or a paint my numbers type gal, anyone can do a great job at a creepy doll. All you need to do is channel the soul of the doll that was on the shelf at the guest bedroom of your great aunt’s house.

10) Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City

If you’re running low on time and have a tulle skirt hanging in your closet, Carrie Bradshaw is the choice you need to make! Fluff up your hair and put on your favorite Manolo Blahniks (or any shoe will do, really). Bonus points if you run around the sidewalk looking slightly confused and fabulously flustered.

11) Hermione from Harry Potter

Curlies and wavies – grab your wand and pleated skirt. Your spirit sister is here. What’s not to love about Hermione? Pair this costume with a double dose of sass and get out there. Your friends will be spellbound by your beauty.

12) Skeleton

This costume allows you to look as classy as possible in your black and white outfit, but shock people when you turn around. The fabulous part about this is that you can go full body with your costume, or keep it concentrated with just the face -- both are equally as great.

13) Minnie Mouse

Who wouldn’t want to be everyone’s favorite, most lovable mouse? The greatest thing about this costume is that you can rock afro puffs as your Minnie ears. Who else can say they can do that? No one. That’s the truth.

bellatrix lestrange halloween costume
NaturallyCurly editor @fujifiles

14) Bellatrix Lestrange

If you have long hair, a black dress and white eyeshadow you're most of the way to a very convincing Bellatrix Lestrange costume. Even if you don't have long hair, NaturallyCurly editor Cristina used clip-in extensions and CurlFormers to recreate this look. Follow Cristina's tutorial for this costume here.

15) Slash

If you are blessed with dark curls, throw on a top hat, stick a cigarette in your mouth, and get out the door! Remember to announce your arrival to the party with your pre-rehearsed take on "Welcome to the Jungle." The best part is, males and females can rock this look equally as well.

16) Prince

We were floored by NaturallyCurly writer Rochelle's Prince transformation, and the fact that she DIY'd her own Purple Rain blazer with a cardigan, shoulder pads and some studs. Follow Rochelle's step-by-step tutorial for this costume here.

Still haven't found the one? Here are 10 more last-minute curly costume ideas!