As a busy person I need an arsenal of quick and easy hairstyles at my disposal.

As a busy person who has implemented a serious gym routine into my life, there has definitely been a need to have an arsenal of easy and quick hairstyles at my disposal. I discovered that going to the gym four times a week was super taxing on my natural hair. When sweating, my hair becomes frizzy around the crown. After a few weeks of losing all of my natural hairstyles to sweat and cardio sessions, I just had to accept that I wouldn't be wearing my hair down anymore. My hair is very thick and therefore I am not really tempted to washing my hair twice a week.

My new situation triggered my creativity when it comes to hairdos and I started to figure out what worked best for me. More importantly, I wanted hairdos that would really describe my personality. The hairdo needs to reflect my cheerful personality and my creative soul. These are my top 3 hairstyles for my gym days, and the days where I just can't even with life.


1.  The Huge Bow

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My loved ones know how much I love bows – I even have a tattoo of one on my neck, so of course I had to recreate a bow into my look. I started playing around with my scarves and easily created this hairdo.

“So…how do you do it?”

Place the scarf on the back of your head and pull the ends of the scarf towards the front of your head and tie them into a knot. Fold the scarf until it creates an oversized bow. Hide the ends by tucking them behind the bow. Afterward, you can go ahead and rock your huge bow.

“How do you dress when wearing this hairdo?”

I love wearing dresses when I have this hairdo, it makes the look super feminine. Wearing this hairdo to the gym also allows me to showcase my creativity, while also proclaiming my love for bows.


2. The Two Buns

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One bun is cute, but two buns are way cuter right? When this trend started I was a bit skeptical. To be honest, I did not dare to wear them. However, I wanted to do something different than my standard bun so I gave it a try and ever since I have been hooked on this look.

“So…how do you do it?”

To achieve this style I did not part my hair with a comb or tool. Instead, I divided my hair with my fingers and created two buns on the top of my head. This is quite a sloppy way to do it, but I figured that this makes the hairdo more playful. On the other hand, my hair is quite thick and it is difficult to part my hair with a comb – when the curls are not wet.

“Hmm, I am afraid it is a bit too childish for me…How do you dress when wearing this hairdo?”

Many are quite reluctant to wear two buns, for fear of it looking silly or childish. However, I feel that this hairdo is great to dress up a more subdued outfit. For instance, due to my body shape and length, I have the tendency to look quite masculine when I want to rock a sporty look, and this hairdo makes the overall look more playful.


3.The Top Knot

Photo Courtesy of @whitneyfromtheblog

In the past – and currently – I admire women for how creative they can get with scarfs. I wanted to be one of these women, so I started adding scarf hairstyles to my hairdo regime.  I never knew how to create this hairdo before and up until a few weeks ago, I finally learned how to knot the end of the scarf without using a rubber band!

“So…how do you do it?”

You grab a scarf and place it on the back of your head. Then you bring the ends of the scarf towards the front of your head and you start twisting the ends. Once the ends are fully braided you need to turn the twist until you achieve a huge knot. Secure the end of the twist by pushing it in the center of the knot.

“How do you dress when wearing this hairdo?”

I really wear this hairdo with all kind of styles, to be honest. My favorite is to wear this hairdo when wearing vintage dresses because it is so classy, and it also the perfect style for days I don't feel like messing with my hair at all.


So how do you style your hair on days you just cant deal? What's your go-to?

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