Taylor Swift with a faux bob

Garcelle Beauvais wears a wispy bun with face-framing tendrils

Amy Adams wore a sleeked-back ponytail at the 2011 SAG awards

The key to fun and flirty hair is to make it look effortless. You can achieve this look with looser hairstyles and updos.

  1. Tossled Curls or Waves

    You can utilize your natural curls or create curls with a curling iron on low heat. If you have a very tight curls, you can loosen and tossle them with a wide tooth comb.

  2. Faux Bob

    This style creates a shorter, layered style without ever picking up a pair of scissors. This style works best on curly or curled hair. Start by pulling back your hair in a very loose ponytail. Tuck and roll the ponytail under, securing it with bobby pins under your faux bob. The front of your curls should fall around the chin level, given the appearance of a bob hairstyle. This is a great flirty look!

  3. Sumo Bun

    An oversized bun sitting on top of the head, in a loose and messy style gives a fun and playful look.

  4. Side Chignon

    A side chignon with low swept curls at the nape of the neck creates a romantic look. To achieve this look, use a round brush and a blow dryer to make the top of the hair straight and smooth. The end of the hair is curled and put in a low ponytail to the side.

  5. Wispy Bun

    This ballerina bun has a whimsical look, especially when done with curly or curled hair. Keeping the top of the hair loose, gather your hair in a ponytail. Then loosely twist the hair into a bun. To add a flirty feel, allow some loose tendrils of hair to frame the face.

  6. Half Up, Half Down

    This chic style can be worn with straight, loose curls, or springy curls. Take the top half of the hair and pull it back in a half up-do.

  7. French or Fishtail Braid

    The french braid is not just for when you were a little girl. It combines sophistication and femininity. To spice things up, you can french braid your bangs to form a head band. The fishtail braid is a plaiting style that is similar to the french braid, but instead of using three strands of hair it uses only two.

  8. Sleeked-Back Ponytail

    A perky ponytail can put some pep in your step. To add the look of hair wrapped around the base of the ponytail, pull a pencil-thick piece of hair from the bottom of the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic. Then secure it with bobby pins.

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