Photo Courtesy of Confessions of a Hairstylist -- Getty Images
Despite all the fun we can have during summer, it is hot, muggy, and our hair has to look great. One of the best ways to beat the summer heat, look fab, and keep hair amazing is rocking an updo. Buns, French braids, and chignons are all just a few updo styles that have numerous benefits to be rocking this summer. Check out our eight benefits of sporting an updo this summer!

Moisture retention

Ends are more susceptible to dryness when they are loose. An updo keeps most strands out of the exposure of those elements. Another factor is updo styles are easy to moisturize was some spritz of water and a favorite oil or condish-mix. Your mix is great for refreshing your updo especially at night and cover with a scarf for a shiny, moisturized style in the morning.

JD Winters shares a video with an updo bun (yes, bun can be updos) that stays moisturized and can last a few days with proper nighttime routines.

Less friction

Less friction means less tangles, knots, and damaged strands. When hair is placed in an updo, it is not moving and should be fully protected. You receive less friction from other strands and from clothing and purse straps.

More frizz control

Frizz is monstrous this time of the year with the increase in humidity but an updo prevents frizz by keep hair up and out of the frizzing elements like humidity. One of the best ways to beat frizz is keeping hair up, especially when at the beach or somewhere windy.

Confessions of a Hairstylists shows how longer curlies can have a great updo that will be perfect for a night out, a special event, and all the while keeping hair fresh, frizz-free, and fighting off flyaways with bobby pins and hairspray.

Less shrinkage and tangles

Updo styles can be achieved on stretched hair or non-stretched hair. One of the best gifts an updo can give to your hair is helping it stretch or stay stretched, which fights shrinkage. Tighter curls often battle shrinkage and even though shrinkage is a sign of healthy hair, it can make some styles difficult to achieve. Updos keeps the hair stretched and free from tangles. Elongate your hair while fighting off tangles with a summer updo.

Great for transitioners

Transitioning hair can be problematic when it comes to hairstyles. Blending can be challenging when working with two different textures. Twist-outs, braid-outs, and roller sets are great for transitioners and updos are also excellent at masking several textures while protecting the hair. Limiting tangles and keeping your hair up is ideal for transitioning hair.

Here EbonyCPrincess creates a gorgeous and uniform flat twist style that will last for days, weeks, or even longer.

Low maintenance

Low maintenance styles are protective styles since they require little to no manipulation, leaving less room for damage. Updos fall under that category because they last for days and only require a satin scarf or bonnet at night to keep the style intact and to retain moisture.

Longer lasting style

This benefit goes without saying. Updos last longer than a wash and go, twist-out, or even a roller set. They are secured away from your clothing and the ends are not exposed, so you have a style that will last longer and look fresher.

TheChicNatural always has creative styles and this updo is no exception. She creates a sexy and long lasting bun-hawk updo on stretched hair that needs minimal upkeep. Added hair just gives this beautiful style some flair and a satin or silk scarf can maintain its sleekness.

Great for breathing life into older styles

Many curlies deal with a period when their hair is not dirty, but the style has gone flat. Your twist-out or wash and go has lost its luster and you are nowhere near wash day or you just do not have the time to wash it. An updo is the perfect style to change up your old style and give you some life until washday.

Angela Lauren shares a quick and sleek updo that is created on an old style and breathes new life into it. This updo is perfect for humid days that have ruined your old wash and go or twist-out.