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We love our curly hair and the versatility it gives us. We can rock just about any style, but sometimes it’s our hair that pays the price for a gorgeous look. Some of the very styles we love are damaging to our scalp and hair, including some hair accessories. Check out our list of six hairstyles and hair accessories that can cause more damage than good if not used properly.

Tight or daily ponytails

The ponytail is a go-to style for many curly girls who don’t know how to care for their hair, but tight ponytails can actually be very damaging to your edges. Another risk that comes with ponytails is the damage that results from wearing them too often. Ponytails worn repeatedly can fray the hair shaft. Make sure your ponytails are not too tight, and move it around instead of keeping it in the same location.

Sew-ins, wigs, or braids

While all three are excellent protective styles, if left in too long these styles can become damaging to your hair and scalp. Every hairstyle has an expiration date, and you should never go beyond that as hair needs a break from the tension. When sew-ins, wigs and braids are left in too long, they can cause hair to lock. Sew-ins or glue can irritate the scalp and cause damage, and ignoring the problem is one of the biggest mistakes one can make. After each removal, give your hair a break for a few weeks before reinstalling more extensions. Proper maintenance, including moisturizing and cleaning your hair under the sew-in or wig, is essential to keeping your hair and scalp healthy.

Bone straight styles

Straight styles can be a fun change from your natural curls, but they come with a price. Hair becomes more porous with chemical and thermal straightening. Heat styling should be used in moderation and with a heat protectant, because even one application of direct heat can cause heat damage, which is irreversible. Bone straight styles achieved through heat are also very drying to our strands and that can cause breakage. Remember that the lower the temperature and the less passes of the heat tool can decrease the potential for damage.

Wet updos

It is easy to just put your wet hair up and keep it moving, but you must be gentle. Hair is at its weakest state when wet, so be very careful in how you manipulate it. Have you ever checked your hair clip, tie, or band after removing it from wet hair? You probably saw many broken strands of hair. Try to tie hair loosely or allow your curls to dry loose or in twists. Also, keeping wet hair up in a tight bun or ponytail does not allow hair dry completely and that can create an environment for mildew.

Hair bands with metal or metal accessories

Hair ties or bands with metal are prone to ripping your strands out. The metal accessories are notorious for causing breakage as you pull them out. Make sure to use plastic or ouchless hair ties or barrettes.

Hair jewelry

Eye-catching hair accessories catch more than just looks. Tiaras, hair chains, elaborate encrusted hair jewelry, and shiny stones with bendable wires or small chains are a curly girl’s worst nightmare! They snag horribly and will cause knots in your curls, coils, and waves with a vengeance.

Reserve hair jewelry for those extra-special occasions and be gentle when removing them. If you really love them, then try not to pick accessories with too much metal, small chains or rough edges. If a nail can snag on your curls, you can only imagine what a chain can do.