Amika model at Texture on the Runway

For all of our complaining about the lack of curls on the runway during New York Fashion Week, which led to us creating our own event featuring only textured hair, Amika did a pretty good job on creating texture too. So much so, that we feel like this style is worthy of highlighting.

Keep in mind, this model's hair was straight when she went in, so for all of your straighties and wavies out there, this style is perfect for you!

As always, when using heat to style your hair, be sure that you use a good sealer or heat protectant before you apply the heat to your hair. A good style is nice, but good hair health is better!

Amika's Textured Runway

Show: Cynthia Rowley Fall/Winter 2012 Show

Lead Stylist: Duffy

Hair Look: Autumnal Texture

This season’s hair look was all about texture for Amika. While three different textures were used on each model, the final look varied.

“Cynthia and I wanted the hair to play with texture for the hair look." said Duffy. "The clothes this season are so structured, we wanted to contrast that with the hair. The idea of this look was for it to be free flowing; there is no beginning and no end. This season there isn’t one Cynthia Rowley girl; the casting is diverse and each hair look is unique to the girl.”

Since each girl’s hair was different, Duffy selected the final style based on each individual girl, her personality and the clothes she was modeling.

Amika model at Texture on the Runway

Major Curls

  1. Mouse was applied to the hair and it was rough dryed with the Amika NRG Professional Hair Dryer.
  2. A figure-eight technique was used (around the crown of the head) which was created by pinning the hair around bobby pins.
  3. The figure-eight shape was sealed in with heat from the Amika x Cynthia Rowley styler.
  4. Tight curls were created using an Amika 13 mm Curler.
  5. The hair was then dragged out and brushed to create volume.