bantu-knot outs

How many times have you ever done a Bantu Knot Out and it failed?

The thing about Bantu Knots is that you may do them perfectly and they will turn out not so perfect. This uncertainty of not knowing on what level of fleekness your hair will be on or lack there of can be intimidating. Well I am here to hopefully help you make sure your hair fleekness is all the way turned up--even if you have short hair like mine!

1. I started off with freshly washed hair. When styling my hair is damp that is the way I prefer my hair when styling.

2. I decide on how I want to part. (If you plan on wearing the knots for a while before taking them out I suggest that you make the parts neat.) Since I have shorter hair I make sure that the parts are smaller so I can achieve an even section of hair to twist.

  • Side note: There are two methods that I know of that you can apply to each section of hair..Two strand twists, or Coiling. I chose to coil each section and then wrap into the knot.

3. I apply a small amount of product to each section of my hair. I used the SheaMoisture Gel Soufflé all over the section, and Curls Passion Fruit Control Paste at the ends. I love the Gel Souffle because it provides so much shine to my hair and you only need a little bit of it.

4. After I applied my products I combed through the hair and coiled the section until it was taught and wrapped it into a knot. I did not use bobby pins. I just tucked the ends under the knot.

5. Finally, after a entire night of my hair being styled in bantu knots, I sprayed a little oil onto my hair and took them down gently one by one. I had to pick my hair to add volume and make the parts les noticeable. But overall I ended with very shiny well-defined hair.

Watch the tutorial

So yes ladies, it is possible! Short hair, or long you can achieve a successful hairstyle with patience. 

We want to see your bantu knot-out photos!