blow drying hair

Need an easy way to increase volume? Follow these tips for bigger hair!

Blow drying the hair can be the easiest way for ladies with thin hair to get desired volume. Sam Villa, founding partner of the Sam Villa brand and Redken education artistic director, shares a hot blow drying tip to create MEGA volume. Here are three simple steps to achieve volume that you can try at home!

1. Begin by blow drying the hair without any product in it. Take the blow dryer nozzle off and blast the hair dry till it’s about 80% dry. It is important to use your hands during this first process. This will cause the cuticle to be slightly rough, which in turn creates volume.

2. Using your hands, apply Redken Aerate 08 Bodifying Cream-Mousse into your hair and smooth it out from front to back, scalp to the ends.

3. Finish your hair by drying with a small round brush, such as the Sam Villa Signature Series Small Round Brush. Using a round brush will create desired volume and movement.

If you’re hair is still not voluminous enough, try Villa’s trick for creating the illusion of volume.

“A simple little trick for making fine hair look even fuller is to tuck hair behind the ear. Essentially, you are taking the hair that’s the least dense and tucking it into a fuller section giving the illusion of thicker hair,” explains Villa.