Coily Blowout Holiday Updos

2011-12-05 13:37:23

Coily Blowout Holiday Updos

Rock a chic, coily blowout for your next holiday bash.

Taren Guy and Time Studio stylists in New York City take us through chic, coily blowout holiday updos, and teach us how to protect our curls form heat damage — just in time for that holiday bash!

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Coily Hair Blowout

Heat Protection at its Best!

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Taren Guy

Taren Guy

p.s. I was about to get dissapointed when I thought it was going be Taren as the model since I dont consider her texture to be 4 anything :o) However, I can definately relate to the models texture. Thanks for including us all NC.
It was very difficult to hear what the stylist was saying because of the music and road noise. esp in the middle of the vid when I wanted to hear what she was spraying on each section. Seems to me the hair was blowdried once and flat ironed twice? Was it once without product and then again with the spray for the finish? Very beautiful results and pretty colour.
This came out beautiful but what did she use before the flat iron? She just ran it over the hair then switched it out for the flat iron.
Wow!!! That looked fabulous!