Getting the perfect holiday hair style doesn't have to take as long as preparing the food does! In fact, just using a simple style that you already know how to do, you can create a look that is original and looks like it took much, much longer than it really did!

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After all, the holidays are all about giving and getting — so we're giving the updo advice and you are getting all the benefits!

Not Your Mother's Braids

Braids can be so boring. Sure, they get the hair out of your face and are great for protective styling in the winter, and there's the added bonus of softer waves once you take the braid out. But the braid is old news, and no one sees a braid and thinks, "Cool!"

But we're about to change that! This braided holiday hair style is not your daughter's, or your childhood best friend's usual braided style. No ma'am!

Don't believe us? Try it out yourself and see how your family swoons at the sight during that looming holiday dinner.

  1. On freshly washed and set curls, braid the hair like you would normally. Nothing fancy here — no french braid, no fishtail braid. Simply three strands being crossed over one another until you reach the end — except don't secure with an elastic.
  2. Once you finish the braid, bring it up to your left or right ear (whichever you prefer), and pin it in place. Be sure to hide the end of the braid behind the ear so that no loose strands are sticking out.
  3. Don't worry about any loose curls that are too short to be pulled back into the braid. Let these pieces frame your face, or if they are in the back, let them rest of your crown. They will create the illusion of a puff, which will add to the overall style.
  4. Finish the look with a shine spray and a generous amount of hairspray to keep the braid in place and your curls from flying in the wind.

Overall, the look should take no more than ten minutes. You can create a more casual look by creating a looser braid. Likewise, creating a tighter braid will make the updo look more professional.

Then show your "tired of the braid" friends what they are missing out on!

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