A bevy of Tinseltown beauties has recently chopped off their locks and now look impossibly soignee and chic (Willow Smith and Emma Watson to name a few), but is this cropped look a 'do for everyone? I say it depends on the person’s style, confidence level, age, personality, hair type, face and body shape. There is a short cut that will suit nearly everybody. It’s just a matter of cutting and styling it in a way that is flattering to the wearer.

For a true pixie cut, it helps to have petite, delicate facial features and a heaping dose of confidence since your face will be front and center. Crops can look good on those with more rounded or angular features as well. Simply ask for longer layers and maybe err on the side of a short bob with side bangs (same if you’re on the taller or plus size side because it can look disproportionate).

Attitude is key with the pixie and it should match your style and personality as well. Teens and ladies in their twenties/thirties look best in a Mia Farrow-esque ‘do, which makes them appear fresh and stylish. On the other hand, women on the more mature side do best with bobs or shoulder length hair usually because it lends an air of youthfulness to the face and very short hair can look severe on mature faces. At the same time, going too long with your length when you’re a woman of a certain age can make you look older as well. It’s best to hit that mid-length sweet spot.

Scared of losing all your length at once? I suggest gradually going shorter (from long to medium length to a bob to a pixie cut) so the shock won’t be as sudden and you can get an idea of what you will look like without hacking too much off. Play with color as well when you take the short hair plunge. Just like with adjusting hair and makeup styles and colors when you make a change in your appearance, you should with your color. This can also ease growing pains if you don’t like your cut and is a nice way to make short hair more playful and fun.

So curlies, are you down for the pixie cut?