Quick & Easy Curly Hair Styles for the Dance Floor

2011-11-21 12:59:22

Quick & Easy Curly Hair Styles for the Dance Floor

Fun and flirty hair styles that will stay put while you cut up the dance floor.

Curly (Type 3)

Let me begin by saying that I am a fan of wash and go curly hairstyles for clubbing. Why one may ask? Well it has the ability to withstand a long night of humidity and sweat and has shock value. Considering every woman wears some variation of the little black dress, ridiculously tall heels coupled with poor lighting and beer goggles, everyone pretty much starts to look the same.

As curlies, we are not ones to blend in. While there is nothing wrong with a perfectly round wash and go ‘fro, pulling your hair to the side just creates a new spin on an old 'do.

An Asymmetrical 'Do

For very thick hair:

  1. For very thick hair: Grab a rat tail comb, ponytail holders and bobby pins to achieve this look. Part your hair from ear to ear into two equally sized sections. Secure each section close to your ear. Gently pull on your hair and fluff it to get your desired volume. Bobby pin some of your hair to hide the ponytail holders.
  2. For thin to medium hair: Gather your hair to one side of your head into a ponytail. Secure a banana clip lengthwise around the ponytail then remove the ponytail. The banana clip will secure your hair whilst leaving plenty of volume.
  3. To complete the look wear a long dangly feather earring on the opposite side of your ‘fro.
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