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Curly Hair (Type 3)

If you follow celebrity hair fashion, you know that side braids are in. For our straight haired sisters, recreating this style is just a matter of learning how to cornrow. For curly haired women, it becomes a little more complicated when working with a lot of volume — but it’s not impossible. To create this look you will need a rat-tail comb, thin seamless hair bands the color of your hair, a boar bristle brush and a styler of choice.

  1. Using your rat-tail comb, section off a two to three inch section in the front of your hair from ear to ear. Gather the hair to one side of your head and use your boar bristle brush and your styler to smooth down the sides before securing it close to your ear.
  2. Once finished, cornrow the hair normally to create the side braid. You can also just twist the individual sections, then grab two twists and begin to twist them together. When you have made a few rotations, add one more twist to either the twist in your left or right hand and continue to twist the three twists as if you only one in each hand. After a few more rotations, add another twist to the hand that only has one and continue your rotations. Continue to rotate and add twists to alternating hands until there are no more twists remaining. Twist your hair to the very end and secure your twisted or braided hair at the end with a hair band.
  3. If your hair is not long enough to fall to your shoulder, then take your loose end and create a wheel with it by rolling it around itself. Position your wheel or pin curl against your head at the base, or slightly to the side of your last section and pin it in place with a bobby pin.
  4. To complete the look, grab a large floppy flower and pin it near your ear on the same side as your braid.
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