Our Favorite Curly Hair Styles for the New Year!

2011-12-29 13:50:10

Our Favorite Curly Hair Styles for the New Year!

Ring in the new year with our favorite curly hair styles from 2011.

Curly (Type 3) Styles

Jennifer Freeman

Many times, type 3 curly girls are in the midst of transitioning, so this is often a harder stage to recommend hairstyles. Still, we found some hot curly hair styles for you girls!

Jennifer Freeman looks just fantastic with her extremely long locks! This year, she often wore it straight (though we won’t begrudge her since we know there are plenty of natural ways to get straight hair as type 3 or 3c).

However, we think she looks just fantastic with her tresses flowing down, and this hairstyle requires next to no maintenance. It truly is a wash-and-go look.

That’s the thing about type 3 curlies — they can get away with doing nothing special with their hair and it’ll still look marvelous.

If you’re not sure you want to wear it down so much, try finger-combing your hair, then pull it off to the side gently and wear a pony tail. Alternatively, you can pull it all up together into one ponytail in the back of your head. Either way will still look great going into the New Year!

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Tasha Swearingen

Tasha Swearingen