Quick & Easy Curly Hair Styles to Make You Look Thinner

2011-11-08 16:30:43

Quick & Easy Curly Hair Styles to Make You Look Thinner

Three simple hairstyles that will slim your face and make you look thinner.

Messy Updo

A messy updo is as easy as pie because it does not need to be perfect. However, it is important to stick to these guidelines in order to execute a style that will make your face look thinner.

  1. DO NOT pull your hair tightly back. This will put the spotlight entirely on your face and will make your face look wider.
  2. DO NOT line up strands with your chin. This will give unwanted volume to the sides of your face. You do, however, want to have strands that fall below the chin or just above it. An updo is also a great way to elongate the neck.
  1. Wrap your hair into a bun, securing it with a chopstick or hair elastic. 
  2. Pull several strands out from your head, and twist them around your face. Hair that falls around the face, below the chin, gives the appearance of a longer face. Hair that falls above the chin will accentuate the cheekbones and make your face look thinner.
  3. Wavy (Type 2) Smooth hair product onto each strand and twist with your finger. Twist enough so that the strands fall either below or above the chin.
  4. Curly (Type 3) Try curling the strands with a curling iron, and be sure to apply product to the curls after they have been styled.
  5. Kinky (Type 4) Try twisting your hair strands with your fingers, and smooth hair butter onto the strands for a firm hold and to add moisture.
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Susonnah Gonzalez

Susonnah Gonzalez

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