Christmas is one of the most romantic times of the year. Christmas lights adorn every tree, there’s ice skating and snow ball fights, and the cold gives couples a good reason to snuggle up by the fire. If you plan on having a romantic holiday date this season, you’ll need some romantic curly hair styles!

Soft Curls

A great place to start is texture. For a romantic date, you’ll want to go for the softest curl possible. Soft curls can be easily molded into any hairstyle and are very touchable. To get this texture, try these tips for your hair type:

  1. Type 2 (Wavy): Use a microfiber towel to scrunch your hair instead of your hands. This will prevent frizz from accumulating, and will make your hair shinier. For ultra soft waves, stay away from gels and hair sprays. Instead, stick to thin, creamy products.
  2. Type 3 (Curly): Try Ouidad’s “Rake and Shake” technique. It’s easy and takes two minutes to do. Simply rub your hair product into your hands, and rake your hands through your hair with your fingers. As you run your hair through your fingers, pull your curls slightly and then shake them loose. Once your hair has dried, apply hair serum to your curls and ruffle them for a good loose curl.
  3. Type 4 (Kinky): Try using perm rods, or hair rods to twist your hair into a soft curl. Coat your curls in setting lotion and dry your hair with a hair dryer on low heat. Be sure to apply jojoba oil to the ends of your curls to seal in moisture and soften your ringlets.

Side Twists

Diane Kruger

This hairstyle is meant to be soft and sexy. If your hair is long enough, you can have it hang over one shoulder.

  1. Start with dry hair. Divide your hair into two sections, left and right. Grab two pieces of hair from the top of your head and twist them. Bobby pin the twist to the back of your head.
  2. Grab another two pieces of hair directly below the first twist. Twist these and pin them slightly below the other twist. Grab a handful of hair from the top of your hair from the other side. Twist it back as if you are making a half ponytail. Pin it behind your head, making sure it lines up with your other twists. You can leave your hair like this, and let the rest of your curls hang loose, or you can twist the rest of it into a low hanging twisted ponytail.
  3. Type 2 (wavy) Style your waves the day before with a very gentle product. Stay away from gels and hair spray; crunchy is definitely not the style we want for a romantic date.
  4. Type 3 (curly) Try using a diffuser that morning so that your hair has the whole day to dry and soften up. To get really soft curls, use a leave in-conditioner and a curl lotion.
  5. Type 4 (kinky) A couple of days before your date, do a twist out with a curl styling butter to get the softest curls possible.

Romantic Curly Side Bun

Zoe Saldana

Again, if you’re hoping for a kiss under the mistletoe this Christmas, you want to aim for soft curls. This hairstyle is simple yet elegant — perfect for a holiday date.

  1. Give yourself a sexy side part by running a comb down your scalp. If you have a very resistant part like I do, try smoothing your hair down with a dab of gel. Divide your hair into three pieces. Two in the front (one for each side of your head) and one in the back.
  2. Type 2 (wavy) Use a curling iron to get as much wave as possible. Aim for a loose curl by using a 1 inch curling iron. Finish off by misting your front waves with hair spray.
  3. Type 3 (curly) Try using a weightless volumizer for the front of your curls. The lighter the product, the looser your curls will be. Scrunch this into your hair, making sure you scrunch to the top of your head.
  4. Type 4 (kinky) Use a coil and curl definer, such as As I Am Curling Jelly and Curl Definer to achieve soft bouncy coils.
  5. If you have shorter layers in the front, let them hang loose. Take the back portion of your hair and twist it into a side bun. If you have long layers in the front, bobby pin them to the back of your head section by section, making sure to keep your curls loose and covering your ear. Twist the back of your hair into the low side bun.

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Final Thoughts

What romantic styles do you turn to first when you know that you'll be locking lips?