Quick & Easy Curly Hairstyles for Date Night

2011-10-19 11:27:11

Quick & Easy Curly Hairstyles for Date Night

Easy sexy styles that will take you straight from the office to your night out.

Just got home from a late night at the office and need to take your curls from bland to date night sexy in a snap? Not to worry! We found our favorite quick and easy curly hairstyles that will transform your day look and keep his eyes locked on you from dinner to wine on the beach.

Pump Up the Volume

With bouncy, voluminous, sexy curls!

Volume is an easy way to pump up the sex appeal! The only challenge here is warding off gravity and stopping it from pulling your curls down. Sound impossible? It's not!

  1. Volume starts in the shower! Apply your gel or mousse in the shower with sopping wet hair and your head upside down. Scrunch in an upward motion toward your head to increase the curl and volume; you can never scrunch too much. This not only keeps moisture in, but also adds height to the crown area.
  2. Scrunch while you are still upside down with a microfiber towel. Diffusing will give you the most volume for type 2 and 3 given that air-drying will take a while, and the weight of your hair will cause loss of volume.
  3. Wavy (Type 2): Use a hard holding gel or volumous mousse to give you hold all night. Take pin-curl clips and clip at the root of your hair on the top of your head to give you lift while drying. Be careful not to disturb your curl pattern. Pile your hair on top of your head and secure with a clip or two while drying to create lots of lift.
  4. Curly (Type 3): By using a light gel and frizz free oil cocktailed together, you can achieve volume without frizz. Use pin-curl clips on the crown of your head to create volume and lift.
  5. Kinky (Type 4): Most kinky curly hair already has volume and lift, but you need to have it without frizz. Leave some of your conditioner in your hair and lightly rinse to keep the frizz out. Then apply a soft styling cream and frizz free oil together to lock the moisture in. Air-drying is best so you will not agitate the curls.
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Anna Craig

Anna Craig