Suffering from cancer and having to deal with the horrible side effects of chemotherapy treatments can be very overwhelming. One of the most difficult and noticeable side effects is chemo hair loss or hair thinning.

Given that our hair helps to define our self of self and our identities, this aspect can be quite maddening. But being brave enough to take that step forward and actually “bare your bald” can bring on the rejuvenating feelings for which you have been yearning. That’s right – baring your bald can give you your independence back!

Bare Your Bald

The actual act of “baring your bald” is the invigorating act of showing to the world that you're not afraid or ashamed of having lost your hair. You go about your life, living on your terms and not worrying about covering up your bald head by hats, scarves, or any other hair adornments. You are proud of the person that you are and the experiences that you have gone through, essentially molding you into the person that you are today.

Women who “bare their bald” are confident and comfortable in their own skin — no matter the circumstances.

The Emotional Side

Baring your bald will bring along a wide array of emotions, so you need to prepare yourself for how to deal with them. All in all, the emotions that you are dealing with are all in your head (no pun intended), and you need to choose what you are going to let bother you or hold you back, and what gives you the drive to keep going. It is all about how you feel and what you choose to make of the situation.

Too many people associate beauty with our appearance, but once you overcome the association of hair with beauty, you will be able to look deeper into your true self — and others will too. It’s important to be proud of the person that you are and show that off to the world. You are still the same person, and this change in your appearance is not going to change that.

Others' Reactions

The people in your life who know and love you will accept you no matter how you look. People who see you outside may stop and look at you, which is one of those things that you will get used to and find a way to handle on your own.

Blogger Katie Evans, of The Bald and the Beautiful, stressed the fact that once you experience chemo hair loss, you will need to find your own “normal,” which will include an array of emotions that you undergo regarding being bald and beautiful.

“I still get stared at, but keep in mind, I’m 6 feet tall, queen size is an understatement, and I’m bald; people are going to stare. In the beginning, the staring didn’t bother me because I was very conscience of being bald; I was checking myself out in a mirror every chance I got. But as I got used to my baldhead and strangers continued to stare, I kind of got annoyed. I wanted to go over to them and say, ’Yes, it’s cancer,’ but instead I just kept walking. It took me a while to realize that not everyone staring was doing it out of ignorance, I’m sure some were looking at me thinking of a loved one who had gone through chemo, and maybe others were thinking that I was brave leaving the house with my bald head uncovered.”

Want More?

Baring your bold is totally a personal choice, and a tough one at that! For those that want to embrace their new life, but keep strands on their heads, try curly wigs!

Final Thoughts

In the end, every situation’s outcome is what you make of it. Take the time to grieve your chemo hair loss in a healthy time frame, and then move forward to live your life in the most fulfilled way possible.