Have you ever had a super early day, leaving you no time to style your curly hair? Or maybe you just like showering at night, which can leave your hair looking frizzy and slept-in when morning comes around.

Wavies and curlies alike have this problem, and, luckily, there are easy hairstyles you can do at night that will turn your morning routine into extra snooze time.

Gone are the days of hard, uncomfortable rollers and sleeping uncomfortably. These hairstyles won’t cut in to your beauty sleep, or have Prince Charming running in the opposite direction if he happens to catch you unprepared. If only everything is life were this good!


Prepare your hair for bed.

Prepping hair for an overnight style is really half the battle. It all begins the same, though, regardless of your hair type. Wash your hair as usual, taking extra care to condition well. Once you get out of the shower, use a leave-in conditioner, towel dry, and comb through.

HAIR TYPE: 2 and 3

For those with Type 2 and Type 3 hair, the best way to begin to prep your hair for these easy hairstyles is by simply making sure your hair is hydrated and slightly damp. That way, the hair will be malleable before you proceed to the next step. Use a light leave-in conditioner that won't weigh down your curls.


The curlier the hair, the more difficult it is to avoid bed head. For Type 4 hair, massage a leave-in conditioner, detangler or finishing lotion into your hair. If you feel like your hair is losing moisture when you’re styling, have a spray bottle close by and add extra leave-in conditioner as needed.

Bun it Up

Buns maintain shape without creasing.

Bed head will be gone with a couple simple tricks of the curly trade. The bun has been around since ancient times, and there’s no wonder as to why the style has lasted so long. These neat and easy hairstyles are great for work or play, depending on how you wear it. And now, it is one of the best hairstyles to sleep in, as well.


For the wavies out there, this process is very simple. After you prep, twist your hair tightly until it curves in on itself, creating a bun. Wavy locks tend to find their own center, usually at the base of the skull, so let it do as it pleases. Once the bun is completed, it should look like a cinnamon roll or a lollipop swirl. Use bobby pins to hold the bun in place.


If your hair is curlier, while you can still do the cinnamon roll bun, there’s a better option. First, pull your hair into a low ponytail and then weave hair through the rubber band as always. Before you draw the hair completely through the rubber band for the final time, only pull it half way. This will create a loose bun. The reason why this is a great option for Type 3 hair is because it’s volumizing in the right places, easy to undo once you’re ready, decreases tangles and snags and is simple to touch up the next day.


If you have Type 4 hair, any easy hairstyles will need a little bit more taming to let you sleep in them. Try using more leave-in conditioner or gel to slick back your hair, and place bobby pins strategically before pulling it into a bun. This will flatten your hair to some extent, allowing for less pull while sleeping. If you use gel to hold the hair down, you will have options for up ‘dos the next day. However, if you use leave-in, you can shake out the curls in the morning to redefine them.

Nighttime Bun Tricks

  • Avoid a using a pillow cover made of a static fabric like polyester or cotton, which steals moisture from your hair. A satin pillowcase works wonders.
  • If you have a lot of hair, try creating two or more low buns, either high on your head or low, depending on your position during sleep. This will help to avoid any neck aches you may begin to feel due to the pressure of the bun in one spot.
  • For more control and less frizz, braid your hair, either in one large braid or multiple, and then put it in a bun.

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