Photo Courtesy of @africanmelaninnn Instagram
For women with curly hair, finding the time to care for and style our hair can seem time-consuming. Life is busy, but that doesn’t mean your style should pay the price! Here are 7 stylish, easy updos for type 4 hair that can save you time and give you a beautiful start to your day.

1. Pineapple

This look is one of the classics of easy updos for type 4 hair for a reason. It is a great way to show off the beauty of your natural texture while still keeping your hair up so you aren’t tempted to play with it throughout the day. This is also one of the fastest looks to pull off in a hurry!

2. 10 Minute Twisted Updo

For those mornings when you don’t have a lot of time, this look is perfect. It’s fast and easy to do! This style gives you a nice amount of volume on top while still protecting your ends.

3. Fab French Braid

The French braid has always been a feminine and pretty style. It’s perfect for the office or date night.  When put into an updo, it gives the French braid a more modern twist on the traditional style.

4. Flat Twisted Crown

When you want to keep your hair out of your face and completely put up, this protective style is the perfect option. It lets you create a summery look perfect for the beach or those days at the office when you’d rather be at the beach.

5. Twisted Pompadour

For a look that gives you a lot of volume on top with a sleekness in the back, the twisted pompadour is the one you want. It is easy to do and leaves you with a classy, stylish look perfect for any situation.

6. Twist N Bun

This style can be either a bun or a twist ponytail style. Either way, it is a cute and stylish way to keep hair back and protected. Whether going on a special date or just taking the kids to the park, this updo is a sleek look for the modern naturalista.

7. Mohawk

When you want a look with a little more attitude and edge, the Mohawk updo is where it’s at for curlies. This look is easy to do and popular on the curly hair scene.