Heading out for a holiday party, but your waves look a hot mess? Are you having a frizzy bad hair day? Listen up right now and put down that towel — you don't need to get back in the shower and start over.

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Here is a great way to quickly pull your hair up and dazzle them with a fabulous holiday hair style — and save time in the process!

Fishtail Braid Your Way to the New Year

To create this off the runway look, it is best to start with next day or second day hair. If your waves are too clean, the style will not stay in place as well.

  1. Start by tipping your head upside down and spraying it all over with a hard hold aerosol hairspray. Then, take a teasing comb or brush and lightly tease your hair to help give it texture and hold.
  2. Part your hair on the side and then take the front section of the larger part to your ear. Clip the rest of your hair back. Next, French braid that front section. This does not need to be a clean French braid — the messier the better.  Then, secure the braid behind your ear with bobby pins.
  3. Take the remaining top crown section and tease heavily, spraying aerosol hairspray throughout. This will create the lift and “poof” effect. Twist each side inward and use several bobby pins to secure in place.  If you have a lot of heavy hair then criss cross the pins to give more hold.
  4. Finally, fishtail braid the remaining hair. The remaining section of hair should be the bottom portion of your hair, and the larger portion of what you parted earlier. Split the hair into two even sections, but braid in the direction of the French braid that is already pinned behind your ear. Start by taking a piece (a half-inch or so) of hair from the outside of one section and bring it to the inside of the other section. The smaller section that you create, the tighter the braid will be — the larger sections you take, the bigger. Continue taking small sections from the outer part of one section and crossing it over to the inner part of the other section, switching sides as you go. Secure at the end with a small ponytail holder.

Final Thoughts

If you want a messy unfinished look, take a boar-bristle paddle brush and run it over the fishtail braid and finish with hairspray.