1.  Coconut oil pre-poo for 30 minutes with a plastic cap

2.  Co-wash and detangle with Aussie Moist (first with fingers, then with Bass brush in sections)

3.  Rinse thoroughly and tie on a t-shirt for 10 minutes to handle the drippies


  1. Remove t-shirt and spray on Creme of Nature's Argan Oil Leave-in 
  2. Divide hair into 4 sections and start with the back-right. Grab a smaller piece from that section and apply a very liberal amount (I've never got flakes and I use a lot) of Creme of Nature's Argan Oil Foaming Mousse before rolling it on an orange perm rod (the big ass ones), using the corkscrew method illustrated here and here. It was actually Michelle's video that inspired me to try the style a few months ago--I use the same products and roll up extra, extra tight (leaving no air-space between revolutions around the roller)!  
  3. Roll bigger/larger pieces of hair in the back and make sure the roller is taught at the root. In the front, I roll smaller sections and let the roller dangle a little at the root because it makes for better picking and fluffing later. All in all, I end up with about 30 rollers. I tried using smaller rollers in the back but things got weird. I get consistent results using the same size rollers. 
  4. Air-dry over night
  5. Remove rollers, separate curls and focus the fluffing at the crown, front of the head and just behind the crown. I leave the sides and back (near the nape) mostly untouched. I use a metal pick and my scalp massager to create volume.
  6. Hit the roots of the crown with a little heat (using an air concentrator attachment). This creates even more volume and a dramatic, bob-effect since you haven't touched the nape and sides.


  1.  Since the damn thing is so shrunken, pineappling would be the death of it.  I simply pass out on my satin pillow case.  Also, since the sides and back aren't fluffed out, I can lay on them with no worries-- all they do is keep their flat/shrunken shape while the top is allowed to be great.
  2. In the morning, if necessary, I smooth on a light oil or serum and go about my day.

The style lasts for 4-5 days... sometimes longer if I sleep cute.  I like the Creme of Nature products just fine-- Michelle recommended them, they're cheap (the ingredients are too, tho), easy to find and yield shiny, fluffy, long-lasting results.  My hair has never dried crunchy and I'm really heavy-handed. I tried Jane Carter's Twist-Out Foam and Wrap and Roll with crunchy, flaky results. #Nope

This article was originally written by and published on CurlyNikki.