curly hair rut

These are the worst! It’s one thing to feel your hairstyle is stale, but it’s a whole other issue if your go-to hairstyle is also damaging your tresses. This often happens to some naturals wearing wigs, weaves, or braids for long periods of time. It seems like it’s protecting your hair, but you may be sacrificing your edges or length with tight extensions or not allowing your hair and scalp to breathe in between installations. Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing.

The main reason many naturals find themselves stuck in hair damaging ruts is due to lack of knowledge. Some styles just aren’t made for every hair texture and sometimes the problem lies in the overuse of a product or style that causes the greatest damage. It doesn’t matter how you ended up on damage hair road, but how you plan to diverge to healthier routes that is important.

Yield to signs

Your hair will tell on itself and you. If it continues to stay dry, brittle, or breaking, then there is a problem and something needs to change. It could be the products you are using or even just the styles that you are picking that do not agree with your hair. If you keep getting fairy knots (single strand knots) that are hindering you from length retention then you need to cut back or eliminate the wash and go (I am saying this to myself as I type). If you wear box braids but each instillation leaves you with thinner edges, then you may need to leave the braids alone. Pay attention and don’t think the problem will miraculously go away. It never does.

Browse YouTube

Some naturals have limited knowledge on styling options, but almost any style ever created will have a tutorial on YouTube. You may need to start following some awesome, well-known YouTubers like Naptural85, Mahogany Curls, and My Natural Sistas. All of these women are known for their creative styling abilities and knowledge.

Add protein

Adding protein treatments may be all your hair needs if it’s been lacking in your hair regimen. I notice that doing a monthly protein treatment is sufficient, because too much protein can make the hair brittle. Weekly treatments are too often and unnecessary. Some naturals feel they are protein sensitive, but they may just be sensitive to a particular protein.

Stop bad habits

You may know that using a particular product causes havoc on your hair, but you are addicted to the way it makes your hair feel. Stop the madness! It’s time to let it go, try a new style, or look for a new product. Although the damage may not be apparent, it will transpire overtime. I always have a delayed reaction to a bad hair habit because I won’t see the bad effects for weeks. If you know you are using heat too often or at high temperatures, don’t think that because it hasn’t broken off yet that the damage hasn’t occurred. Step away from the bad habits and products. That may be all you need to see a major difference in your hair’s health.

Consult a professional

This does not get mentioned as often as it should, but finding the right professional for your problem is necessary. If you have scalp issues, you may need to visit a dermatologist. If you are suffering from massive hair loss, it may be your medications, hormones, or stress so you may need to schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. If you cannot manage to moisturize your dry, brittle hair, you may need to see a curly or natural hairstylist.

You also may need to eat better, exercise, and drink plenty of water to combat many of these issues. Taking the best care of your body from the inside is always a good idea. Getting adequate sleep and consuming vitamins may stop even more issues you are having with your hair! I’m not saying any of these things will eliminate real ailments and medical problems. These suggestions can only help, so remember that your hair is affected by what you put on it and into your body.