The trending items this season ventured from stylish pins and clips for your hair, to velvet textured headbands and bows. Even if you're not a Pinterest queen who can DIY a flawless accessory, we've got you covered with the best places to order or shop for the key items to help perfect your outfit to launch excellent curl game in 2018.

Vintage Headpiece With Satin Tieback Ribbon

Woman wearing a green and gold headpiece

Photo Credit: @niadupree

Headpieces were all the rage last year as we gave a nod back to glamorous styles reminiscent of the Egyptian era. Curlies need headpieces that can expand with the volume and texture of any hairstyle we create. This is key whether you're donning an updo or wearing your hair out, so a headpiece with a tieback ribbon will work with your hair and not against it. The sweet details and sparkle of this gem will give you the just right amount of glitz without breaking the bank.

Satin Headwraps

Woman wearing a black and white headwrap with her hands folded

Photo Credit: @miss_glambition

Headwraps aren't just for maintaining flawless curls. The season for festive headwraps is upon us and the lighter, brighter, and more sparkly, the better. Satin is chic, elegant and is a hair-care must-have. The great thing about this hair accessory is it allows you to bring bold statement necklaces, earrings, or make-up to the forefront of your outfit to allow for maximum effect.

Bejeweled Hair Pins

African-American woman wearing a hair pin with her afro

Photo Credit: @brittjohnz

These elegant hair accessories can be used long beyond the holidays since jewels are the epitome of grace and chicness. These can be customized for your curly hair with large/small pins as well as the size of the clip. Place it throughout your curls, pin them in an updo, or decorate a topknot for subtle elegance.


African-American woman wearings gold flowers in her afro

Photo Credit: @naturally_izzy

Flowers aren't just for spring! The versatility of the seasons changing is that you have a plethora of colors to work with and hair accessories are no exception. This hairstyle even has the added glam of glitter, bright colors, and accenting the make-up with the flowers. It's fun, festive, and just subtle enough to where you can appreciate the entire look.


African-American woman wearing a bun with wire accents

Photo Credit: @itsalexandramaria

A chic topknot or bun can always be accessorized with a great accent. Using jewels, pins, barrettes, or wire to wrap the bun/topknot can add a pop of color to your hair. It is always fun to experiment with how a hair accessory can compliment an updo and using wire or thread is also an unexpected way to maintain the shape of your style.

Hair Combs

Woman with curly hair wearing a sequin hair comb

Photo Credit: @julzjones

Oh hair combs, how we love you. Many of us experiment with buns and updos on days when we don't want to wear our hair out, so a hair accessory is a great compliment to bringing the right attention to your hair. Curlies can love hair combs because they require little effort but the maximum effect for your style.

Bobby Pins

Woman wearing bobby pins in her hair

Photo Credit:@lesliellozano by @dahliadanda

Think bobby pins are just for keeping those flyaways down? Think again. This season influencers, stylists, and curlies alike have been revamping the idea of how a bobby pin can work as the ultimate hair accessory. Whether you style it in the front of your hair, back, or use it to create a design between your part, this hair accessory allows for the utmost creativity.

Love the looks? Shop similar styles below:

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Velvet Knot Headband ($29): Nordstrom

Crescent Hair Comb ($48): Anthropologie

Large Velour Hair Elastic (5.99): H&M

Embellished Stone Back Hair Chain ($13):ASOS

Always remember that whether you take the DIY route or shop in-store hair accessories it's about trial and error. Make sure you research what styles you want to use and think about how your chosen hair accessory fits into the vision you have for your hair. The great thing is that with the multitude of accessories available, there are countless ways to find a hairstyle that works for you!

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