A half up style might not be something you're considering for that big holiday get together. I mean, its so simple and everyday. But what if we could take the half up look and transform it, AND keep its simplicity as your little wavy updo secret? What would you think then?

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Well, that's just what we plan to do with these three variations on a half up holiday hair style from an expert wavy hair stylist here in the Austin area. These styles are quick and easy and will have you holiday ready in a snap — but no one has to know how little time it actually cost you!

Get Loose Half Up Holiday Hair

  1. With your natural parting, gently roll your curls away from your face on both sides and stitch-pin. To stitch-pin, using the ends of the hairpin, grab hair closest to the scalp at the end of your roll and "wrap" around the roll, tucking all the hair around and over itself  with a hairpin or a bobby pin. A hairpin will disappear easier in curls and holds better in a looser way. Then, choose one of the three variations:
  2. Chignon: Gather ends and gently twist and coil into a loose spiral and pin with a wig pin (a huge bobby pin of sorts) crossing the entire coil from underneath, hiding it within the mass, or with several bobby pins, crossing in a radial pattern for stability.
  3. Braid: Loosely braid the ends and wrap the tail up under the back of one of the half-back front sections done earlier. Pin with bobby pins. For longer hair, try making a chignon with the longer braid or pinning as described below.
  4. Rope: Take remaining ends and continue rolling them. Wrap the rolled ends in an S pattern along the back of the head and ending at the nape, pinning as you go with bobby pins until you get the "Challah" bread effect.

And voila! Easy as one two or three, and you will have a half updo that you can even change throughout the night if you please! Holiday party stress? Please, you're too busy prepping the egg nog!

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