It is day four of your twist-out and your co-worker has convinced you to attend the company’s holiday party. Problem is, it’s not exactly a jeans and t-shirt affair. You are going to have to dress up and put on a cute pair of heels, that purple lipstick you just bought, but there’s not enough time to retwist your kinks into a cute holiday hair style. What are you going to do?

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Clearly, you can’t put on a crochet beanie like you might during a less fancy occasion and pulling it back in a puff simply won’t do. No problem. Inside your basket of hair accessories you have a handful of hair combs that can whip your hair up into a festive updo in thirty minutes or less.

How to Hair Comb in a Hurry

  1. Left or right? Figure out which side of your hair you want to add the first hair comb. It’s best to pick the side that is the least defined so it’s easier to slide the comb in.
  2. Add a moisturizer. In an upwards motion, smooth the side you selected with Oyin Handmade Hair Dew (or another moisturizer of your choice) to almost the top of your head, and then slide the comb straight down.
  1. Repeat! Once you have the first comb tucked securely, you repeat the process all the way around your head. The last hair comb should be inserted considerably lower than the first one so your hair will lean to one direction. You can decide how much volume you want on top by how high you place the combs.
  2. Spot check. Sometimes in the process of adding the hair combs, a few over your coils will escape. If that happens, just take a bobby pin and tuck it back in.  You can also use bobby pins if you want to create a bang area.

To take it up a notch, add a touch of hair bling by using a decorative hair comb for a sparkling holiday hair style.  Choose a spot where the hair comb is easily visible to have the most impact.

Want More?

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Final Thoughts

Now that you have added a new holiday hair style to your arsenal, you can modify as you please and spend more time selecting the perfect outfit for the party. What styles have you tried with hair combs?