New York Fashion Week 2017

Mielle Organics TOR

Known as a whirlwind for the biggest names in popular clothing and mainstream beauty, New York Fashion Week is seldom known for giving what has been long considered unconventional hair the attention it deserves.

In this day and age, unfortunately, natural hair is still pretty low on the priority list when major labels, stylists and designers are considering the presentation of their next NYFW presentation. And that is precisely why NaturallyCurly decided to create our own fashion show, Texture on the Runway powered by Sally Beauty. This past Thursday, September 7th, we took over the luxurious stage at Gotham Hall and dedicated an evening to the intricacy and beauty that curly textured hair is known for.

Instead of encouraging hairstylists to reach for the straightening irons, we brought together six brands of various well known hair care favorites in the community, put them on one stage in one show, and told them to bring forth their unique take on the true diversity in naturally curly hair.

When I heard Mielle Organics would be part of the TOR 2017 lineup, I was giddy with excitement. Having met CEO and founder Monique Rodriguez years ago when creating a healthy hair care brand for curly girls was a mere idea posted on social media, I couldn't wait to see what the rapidly successful brand had in store for hundreds of us in New York City on that special night.

Singing an ode to magical black girls everywhere

Monique TOR Mielle

With holy grails such as Mint Almond OilAvocado Hair Milk and Detangling Cowash, the brand puts healthy, naturally glowing hair for every texture at the forefront of its mission statement, so when I sat down with lead stylist and Mielle Organics educator, Key Glover, it made perfect sense why the theme for their Texture on the Runway show was called Cranes in the Sky.

An ode to magical black girls everywhere, I think we can all agree that when Solange's hit album A Seat at The Table came out, it provided us with much needed comfort and encouragement we weren't getting enough of as a community, especially women with tighter curls and coils. Mielle Organics' take on Cranes was just as lovely and comforting, complete with a harpist and more glitter than my big glowing soul could handle in a night filled with so much safety and joy.

Key Mielle
"Solange is very versatile with her hair styles. She is very free in terms of wearing different hairstyles such" -Key Glover, Mielle Organics Lead Hairstylist

mielle TOR 3

Mielle TOR 2

The best part of the show?

Although you would think that the sparkling and flowy outfits and the long, complex, textured braids did it for me, I threw my hands up in utter happiness when Monique and Key graced the stage to inform the audience the debut of their latest collection, Pomegranate & Honey. Made for type 4 coily girls, this line was used on each hairstyle showcased by the brand at Texture on the Runway, making all of us fall in black girl magic and black boy joy just a little bit more at the end of the night.

Stay tuned for Mielle Organics' new collection, Pomegranate & Honey, to be sold at Sally Beauty at the end of the month. In the meantime, shop your MO holy grails in their online store.

This post was sponsored by Mielle Organics.

Photos courtesy of Corey Reese Photography