Are you tired of always pulling back your curls into a ponytail or a bun? If so, it is time to add some French braids as your go-to hairstyle!

To create this hairstyle, you will need:

  • 3 hair ties

  • 1 hair donut

  • bobby pins


Start by separating your hair into three sections.

The left and right ones will become French braids; the middle section is created to cover up the middle parting line that would be created if you were to French braid all of your curls.

The left and right section can reach further back the closer they are to your neck, creating a V-shaped section in the center.

Tie together all of the curls from the center section-- so they don’t unintentionally become part of the two French braids. It doesn’t need to look neat, you’ll redo this middle section later on.

Start braiding on one side by separating three small, equal sections right next to your parting line. Start braiding by crossing the lower section across the middle one and then crossing the upper section across the middle one (just like you would when you are normally braiding your hair).

Add some curls to the braid the next time you cross the lower section across the middle one. Do so until you have added all of the curls in this section to the braid, then finish braiding without adding any more hair to it.

Secure the braid with a small hair tie and repeat the same on the other side of your parting line. When both braids are complete, bring down the curls from the middle section.

Grab all of your curls (including the two braids) and create a low ponytail. Then remove the hair ties from the braids that are now in the ponytail (so that the ponytail looks like a “normal” one).

Grab the donut and create a bun with it. If you’re struggling doing so, watch my YouTube video on creating the perfect bun:

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