I have always wanted to see what my hair would look like at this length. I love that I can switch from longer to shorter overnight.

Have you ever wanted to see what your hair would look like at a shorter length? Curious to see what you’ll look like with the big chop?

Here is a temporary solution that can be done overnight and without heat. I personally have always wanted to see what my hair would look like at this length and I love that I can switch from a longer to shorter style. This style will more than likely work best on medium hair lengths with layers. However, I found that using perm rods and flexi rods in different sizes gave me a fabulous tapered Afro.

What You’ll Need:

Prep (the night before)

1. Start on either freshly washed or dry hair (I started on dry hair to make sure it dried faster).

2. Begin at the nape of your neck, making a small horizontal section.

3. Add a dollop of the botanical gelle and rake through the section making sure to clear any tangles.

4. Split each section into 3 or more ½ inch sections.

5. Wrap and secure each section using the smallest perm rods. Repeat this process for the first 3 bottom rows.

6. Increase the size of the perm rod as you get higher. When you get to the crown, switch to flexi rods or large perm rods (to create looser curls). After all rods are installed, wrap your head in a scarf and sleep in them overnight or until 100% air dried.

Takedown + styling (the next morning)

7. The next morning, take down your scarf and begin to unravel each perm rod. You will find that the curls in the perm rods will be extra tight and close to the scalp. The curls left in the flexi rods will be looser and together this will create a tapered look.

8. Using your fingers, begin separating each curl with a small amount of the control paste. Be sure to separate each curl 2 to 3 times to ensure lots of volume.

9. Use a lifting comb to add more volume at the root. To create the look of a tapered afro, pick lightly on the bottom half so that the curls stay tighter to the scalp.

10. Pin any loose, longer curls that are out of place. Lastly, use a larger pick at the crown to create the illusion of a tapered haircut. Depending on the length and type of haircut you have, bobby pins will probably be necessary.

Watch the full tutorial here

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