The steps to a twist out are pretty simple, but you're not looking for any old twist out. If you want your most definition ever while maintaining plenty of lift and volume at the roots, there are a few steps that you simply cannot skip. You won't need many products (in fact, if you choose a multi-use product you only need one) and the technique is simple to follow. Here is how to achieve your most defined twist out ever with the multi-tasking Combing Creme from Carol's Daughter.

What you'll need


Step 1 Start fresh

Start with freshly cleansed hair. To speed up the drying time (step 5), apply your product and twist your hair when it is damp, rather than soaking wet.

Step 2 Apply styler

Apply a styler such as the Carol's Daughter Sacred Tiare 4-in-1 Combing Creme throughout the hair in sections, making sure that knots and tangles are removed. Detangling before you twist may be time consuming, but it gives your curls their best chance for super defined results.

Step 3 Twist

Flat twist by twisting a small section and grabbing a very small section of hair to incorporate into the twist with every revolution (watch the video to see this technique in action). You can create 6-8 sections depending on how dense your hair is.

Step 4 Coil the end

Skipping this step can result in a disappointing twist out. When you reach the bottom of a twist, add a little bit more Combing Creme to the end and coil it around your finger. If this technique doesn't work for you, you can add a roller to the end of your twist.

Step 5 Air dry

Allow the twists to air dry completely. Drying them overnight will be your best bet to ensuring that your twists are not damp when you begin to take them down. If definition is your goal, then unraveling wet or damp twists is sure to lead to frizz so do not skip this step.

Step 6 Unravel & separate

The next morning, smooth coconut oil over the twists to help reduce frizz when you take the twists out, then unravel the twists carefully to avoid breakage. You want to separate the twists with your fingers, and then fluff them just at the roots for extra volume. If using a pick to fluff, avoid combing the pick through the length of your hair as this will make your twist out less defined.

Watch the video

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