Curly hair is wonderful. It’s bouncy, shiny, and completely gorgeous! But if you don’t take care of it properly, it can become something else: poofy.

Now I love big curls, but sometimes us curly girls want to keep our hair a little less poofy and a little more defined. So how do you keep your curls perfectly perky and not too poofy? I have some tips!

The right haircut can always help. I’ve learned that with the wrong haircut, it’s almost impossible to get your curls to keep the shape you want. For most curlies, long layers work well to give your hair a nice shape. However, cutting your hair to one length all over will usually result in the dreaded triangle-head, where hair poofs out too much at the bottom. But everyone’s hair is different, so get the haircut that works the best for you!

Another way to keep your hair from poofing is to not style your hair in the bathroom after taking a shower. Why? Because all of the steam in the air will make your hair poof extra!

If your hair is flat, applying products and rinsing it upside-down will help give it a boost at the top. Otherwise, don’t try this! I’ve learned that hair if I apply my products upside-down, my hair will be too poofy for my liking.

Using a diffuser on your blow dryer can create beautifully defined curls. I think that when I diffuse my hair, it has a bigger shape then by just letting it air-dry. So my hair is less poofy even though it is bigger, but more defined overall. I prefer to diffuse my hair then let it air or towel dry, but it takes about 20 minutes – not something I can do every day before school.