NaturallyCurly's own Taren Guy headed out to the KMS California Mane Event in NYC where the company tossed aside notion of celebrity stylists deciding what's in, and finally admitted what we all know is true: it's we naturals who determine curly hair style.

At the dawn of this past weekend's Fashion Week in NYC, KMS California made it clear that fashion is never just about the wardrobe. Hair is also a critical part to any high fashion item, and to any everyday outfit as well.

Your hairstyle has the ability to transform your look and kick your casual Monday outfit up a notch. From hot mess to hot stuff, your hair is just as important as your heels. But, you already knew that!

For all of you unable to make it to the KMS Mane Event, check out Taren's video recap, see the transformations and hear form curly hair bloggers just like you!

KMS California Mane Event Recap

Transform your hair, transform your look!

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