Basic but valuable tips on how to safely style your curls with or without heat.

You may know how important it is to be careful with your curls and to treat them gently. When it comes to styling your curls, this rule still stands. In fact, extra care should be taken to prevent damage to your curls, especially if you choose to use heat to style. Here are some basic but valuable tips on how to safely style your curls with or without heat.

  1. When using heat to dry, use a diffuser attachment on your blow dryer and don’t dry your hair completely. Stop diffusing when your hair is still slightly damp. This will help reduce your chances of causing heat damage.
  2. When you use a hairdryer or any other heat tool, use a leave in product that will protect your hair, such as a heat protectant. Work the product through all of your hair prior to using heat.
  3. No heat means just that — no hairdryer or heat tools. Allow your hair to air dry after applying your favorite styling product. If you go to bed with wet hair, use a satin pillow case to sleep on or pineapple your curls. When your hair is dry, gently rake it with your fingers and finish with pomade or finishing product of your choice.

Here's how Tara styles her curls with no or low heat.

Style Your Curls With No or Low Heat

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thanks! I'm glad they're helpful. And sure, I'll be happy to help you with that - a diffuser attachment is something you can add to your hair dryer... Some dryers come with them. I like the "sock" diffuser - it basically is a soft piece of fabric that fits over the nozzle of the hair dryer and helps spread the heat as you dry your hair. There are also "finger" diffusers which also have pieces that help diffuse and move the hot air around as you dry your hair. If you google "hair diffuser" you'll see lots of types... The best part is that they're easy to use and not very costly - and they work great for curls!