Multi-textured hair at Premier Orlando

Popping up all over the Premiere Orlando show floor were multi-textured coifs that blended partially straightened hair with lengths of curls, coils and waves. Rather than focusing on volume throughout the entire head of hair, the trend here is to smooth the section closest to the roots, then let the hair flow into a burst of texture. Inspired by vintage glamour reminiscent of 1950's Hollywood, this is a great style that can work on a variety of hair textures.

Creating a Multi-textured Look

  • Wet and set the hair. Start with very wet hair. Apply Ouidad's Climate Control Gel thoroughly from roots to ends. Using a fine tooth comb, section in your desired part and begin combing hair in a downward motion smoothing your hair flat till you reaching top of your ears.( which is the halfway point between the top of your head and the nape of your neck).
  • Clip and dry using a metal duckbill clip (or any flat length clip) placing clips one after another, securing hair flat from ear to ear. With the top secured smooth, allow to dry naturally or use a dryer on low pressure to ensure the hair is dry, sleek and straight.
  • Diffuse to finish on the remainder of the hair (from ears down). Again, rake Ouidad's Climate Control Gel throughout the curls to add definition. Using a diffuser, dry the bottom curls on high heat, high pressure. Lift the diffuser to the scalp until completely dry to achieve full, tousled, voluminous curls. Be sure not to diffuse for perfection; the vision of this style is more of a unkept bed head look. Skip the bang if the hair is naturally curly.