Natural Resources Salon in Houston, TX recently opened its doors to the Nappy Love Houston Natural Hair Meetup group. Located in the heart of Rice Village at 5313 Morningside Drive, Natural Resources Salon has been a long time fixture in the Houston natural hair community. With customized hair care services, clients enjoy an exceptional salon experience while enjoying the modern beauty of this green (yes, GREEN!) salon.

The Natural Resources Salon Story

Tamika Fletcher, the co-owner of Natural Resources Salon, was a gracious host for the event and allowed the NLH members to explore the salon outside of the normal business hours. Tamika's personal hair story began over 15 years ago. Like many of us naturals, she used countless relaxers, but thought her hair was healthy since she had a stylist maintaining her hair. After she realized the cumulative effects of relaxing her hair and the damage that it caused, she made the decision to go natural, and hasn’t looked back since. Opening Natural Resources Salon has allowed her to help other naturals who have struggled with their natural hair.

Tamika then opened the floor for a Q&A session, fielding questions from transitioning styles to maintenance, and everything in between. The underlying theme of the event was that your natural hair is different from your relaxed hair and should be treated as such. Even simple actions such as washing and braiding, can cause damage to the hair strand if not done carefully. We also discussed some of the most common transitioning styles of two strand twists, braids, and their signature brand of artificial hair for extensions, WildFlower hair. Natural Resources Salon is also the proprietor of their own hair and skin products, Earth’s Nectar, which they use exclusively throughout the salon. We were able to sample a few of these delectable goodies. My favorite had to be the moisturizer Monoi Hair Milk because of its smooth texture and intoxicating scent.

Creating a Sense of Community

We were also encouraged to share some of our own personal hair stories, which really brought the group together. This kind of support is one of the most vital reasons for joining a natural hair group. You are able to gather inspiration, encouragement and motivation from your peers. After all, who else would understand your hair story better than other naturals? The Natural Resources Salon environment fostered these types of open conversation between the members and the stylists of the salon. Tamika was even so kind as to show us several quick hairstyles that she was able to do on her own hair that took less than five minutes each!  I have NEVER been in a salon where the owner was so hands-on, and it truly had a big impact on me and the other members.

Going Green

Natural Resources Salon incorporates some neat features within the walls of the salon. They allow their customers to refill products at the new recycling station. They are also a chemical-free salon, which and offer straightening treatments without harmful relaxers. From the cork floors to the product recycling station in the front of the building, to the chic lighting and artwork found throughout the facility, Natural Resources exudes a certain environmental awareness that should be apparent in all salons. Walking around the salon you could tell the amount of planning that went into making Natural Resources truly a “green” salon. I believe this is the way of the future for the hair care industry. Want the low down on Tamika's quick and easy twist and braid styles? Head on over to the next page to get detailed instructions on the 'dos.

Twists All Around

Ever have one of those days where you aren’t quite sure what to do with your hair, but didn’t want to get stuck in the ponytail rut? This twist style is super easy to achieve, and super chic at the same time. With minimal effort, you can recreate this look and be out the door in less than five minutes!

  1. This style works well on a blowout or an old twist out since the hair is already stretched and can be easily styled. An off center part creates an asymmetrical look with a modern twist.
  2. Starting with the larger section, take two pieces of hair and begin to flat twist along the hairline. The twist doesn’t have to be super tight, but you will want to keep them relatively flat. Gather hair from the crown of your head with each twist as you move around toward the back of your head. Secure with a hairpin or two.
  3. Continue the same style of twist on the smaller side, remembering to gather hair from the crown as you twist along the hairline. You’ll want the hair to resemble a cinnamon twist once completed.
  4. Once you’ve finished the smaller side you can do one of two things. You can either twist the two sides into one, roll into a bun in the back of your head, and secure with a few hairpins, or you can go for something a little snazzier. Instead of pinning in the middle of your head, position the larger twisted section to one side of your head behind your ear.

Braided Updo

Want a style that will grab the attention of everyone in the room? Considering this look can be accomplished in just a few moments, you can be effortlessly coiffed while running errands, or easily be dressed up for a night on the town with the girls.

  1. This style can be effortlessly transformed from an old twist out into a fashionable updo. The pompadour takes this look beyond the norm, combining retro and classy into one seamless style.
  2. Create the pompadour by separating the front section of hair, like bangs. Take this section and flip back, creating a poof, and secure with a couple of hair pins. You can make this as low or as high as you like.
  3. Start the flat braid in the back next. We’ll call it an “over hand” braid since you’ll be pulling the outside pieces over the center, creating the flat braid. Using larger sections, braid down from the pompadour. Remember, you don’t have to be perfect; it’s all in the look!
  4. Once you reach the end of the braid, you can “tuck” the hair under, concealing the ends within the bulk of the braid, and secure with a couple of hair pins if needed.
  5. To add an elegant touch, add an accessory like a stretchable double hair comb. Placing the combs in the middle of the style helps to create separation between the pompadour and the braided section. This takes the already chic look up one more notch.

Want More?

Browse hundreds of curly hairstyle pictures for inspiration, uploaded by naturals just like you!

Final Thoughts

Maintaining these looks is just as simple as the style themselves. Since they are low profile hairstyles, tie a satin scarf around your hair before hitting the sack. As always, a satin pillow case is good in the event you forget your scarf or if you toss and turn at night!  And, if you’re in a bit of a styling crunch, both of these styles can easily last you three days or longer. Using a light moisturizing leave in spray like Oyin Handmade Juices & Berries or Darcy’s Botanicals Herbal Leave-In Conditioning Spritz will aid in keeping the styles fresh,  moisturized and smelling great! Happy styling!