Curly hair is rocking the Occupy movements from New York City to Chicago and Miami to Austin!

We've waited long enough! With Occupy Wall Street movements springing up all over the country, we've had a hard time paying attention solely to the protestors arguments. I mean, have you SEEN their hair? Curly hair is rocking the Occupy movements from New York City to Chicago and Miami to Austin! Sadly, we aren't there and could only scrounge up the photos below, but we think they will give you a pretty good look at curlies doing big things!

The Naturally Curly Movement

They are the 60%!

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  • Participating in the protest? Bring your camera and snap some curly hair shots. Then email them to and we'll post them for everyone to enjoy.

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Check out all the natural hair love at Austin City Limits! 



SERIOUSLY??? ***Blank Stare*** Please tell me how is occupying wall street a common sense thing? I ditto-ed "curliously" comment. These people have no common sense whatsoever. What is the purpose of this so called peace rally? when they're raping people and promoting so much violence. Wall Street had nothing to do with what's going on in these people lives. If we have a problem with Wall Street making money, STOP BUYING STUFF, STOP BEING A CONSUMER. Buying hair products, iPod, iPad, iPhone and many other things are the reasons why the Wall Street are making money. SUPPLY AND DEMAD, have you heard of it? You asked for it, you need it and the company provides it. If you stop buying something, they stop making it/stop making money of it. Go home, get a freaking job and stop complaining. Better yet, eliminate big government than you will not have any problems. Get a life.
I cannot believe you are promoting these rallies as good things... 3 rapes have now been reported, a possible murder at the Oklahoma City "rally" the list goes on and you're talking about curly hair... sad