Model with a plastic wrap headbandPhoto by: John Aquino

Designers. What ARE we going to do with them? Their fanciful runway adaptations that would never work on a real woman on any real street always tickle our fancy — especially as we try to pull off a part of their "trend" in what we all know as reality. But when straddling the line between over-the-top and over-the-rainbow, sometimes a designer goes a bit overboard.

At Angel Sanchez's 2013 bridal presentation during Bridal Fashion Week, models stepped out sporting the icy bride theme complete with Saran Wrap headbands. No kidding, the stuff you can buy down the street in your local grocer's shop was used on the runway.

"Have I missed a huge, trendy, not to mention CHEAP, style?" I asked myself. So, in NaturallyCurly editor fashion, I ran down to the closest Duane Reade (I relocated to NYC) and picked me up some Saran Wrap. Back in my apartment, I ended up with the styles you see there — a large headband best suited for wet weather and a twisted one best suited, never.

I truly understand that designers are supposed to be on the forefront of fashion and that they are creative souls working in a creative industry where the first person to do the outrageous is the person that the new outrageous trend gets named after. That's all good and great, but honey, Saran Wrap on your head just isn't a good look.

Angel Sanchez's icy brides might have been able to pull it off, but unless it is raining cats and dogs and you're stuck out in the middle of Central Park, no umbrella or covering in sight, and somehow you manage to have a roll of wrap with you, you should keep applying it to your leftover dishes, not your second-day hair.

Of course, curlies, if you can come up with a better style that might actually work, by all means send it in to [email protected] and share it with the community!