Spend your time getting through your to-do list instead of on your hair.


The weather is turning cold and there’s always lots to do around the house in preparation for the holiday season. You need to be able to get through that to-do list without spending hours on your hair. These simple curly hair styles will keep your hair out of your way whether you’re working hard or just lounging at home.

Side Braid

Braids can be one of the best go to styles when you’re staying at home. No matter if the weather is naughty or nice, this style will play well even if you do decide to venture outside.  You’ll look effortless and pulled together to tackle all of your tasks in no time!

  1. Messy is OK! You are staying in the house, but it doesn’t mean your hair has to be left undone. You can braid all the hair together or leave a few pieces out in the front depending on how you feel.
  2. Easy does it with this style! Add a deep side part and sweep the hair around to one side. You want the braid loose and flirty so don’t braid too tightly.  Plus this will keep unnecessary tension off of your hairline. Remember to use a ponytail holder without metal.
  3. Type 2 (wavy) This style is perfect whether you’re working with freshly washed hair or not. You may want to add a bit of styling agent like CURLS Cashmere Curls to keep your hair soft and any flyaways under control.
  4. Type 3 (Curly): To keep the hair smooth, add a bit of soft hold product to smooth the hair as you braid. CURLS Curl Soufflé will add shine while giving soft hold to your edges and the braid itself.
  5. Type 4 (Kinky): If you’re working with an old twist out, try using a pomade type product to elongate your curls for the braid.  Carol’s Daughter Macadamia Hold and Control Smoother can give you all the hold you need.

Tips - Instead of a scrunchie, try using a ribbon to secure the end of your braid. Or, if you want to be even more creative, thread a festive ribbon through the braid and tie a neat little bow at the end. Since you’re staying indoors, this style will pretty much last you as long as you need it to. Tie on a satin scarf before bed and you’re good to go!

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Lisa Michelle

I agree!! I write for NC.com, but they have a youtube channel for product reviews and video tutorials...if I do videos for any styles I will generally post them on my blog www.thishairofmine.com. That'll give me something to work on :) Thanks mk4507!!

Although I love the curly hair styles articles you very often post, I would like to see more videos with step by step instructions. I think that would be very helpful!