Ariona loves her curly hair and has a lot of it!  She wants defined, frizz-free curls right from the shower, and doesn’t want to apply a million products to get it that way. In fact, for this look she only uses one hair product. If you're picturing your overflowing counter top, full of curl creams, gels, deep conditioners and oils, just imagine clearing all of that off and narrowing it down to one. Just one.

The Routine

Step 1

The making of a good hair day begins in the shower. With wet hair, apply DevaCurl One Condition in sections.

Step 2

Then, twist the curls around fingers to define and form the curls’ shape.

Step 3

Once all the curls are completed, dry with the DevaFuser in sections.

Step 4

Once completely dry, shake out the curls.

The finished look

The result is defined, no-frizz, no-fuss curls—and it only took one product. Watch the full video tutorial here

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